Long Time Comin'

by Sieed Brown

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Ironically, the track takes its sweet time dropping this awesome instrumental sampled with Sam Cookes' classic tune, "Long time Coming". Overall, the track goes through the struggle of finding my voice within hip-hop and more importantly, the struggle with dedicating my time to school and a full time job versus progressing my skills as an artist. I choose to keep the original title of the sample, Long Time Coming, for the simple fact that it has been a long time since I've released new music correlated with the time it took to get where I am today. By NO means am I implying I'm already "that dude" in hip-hop and my reference to the "Long Time' is based on my decison to stop holding back and truly believe that my music is at least relevant in the MN hip-hop scene. Enough with the explaining, enjoy the track and be sure to share with your friends!

Note: Don't take any references within this track to heart. Music is a way to express your feelings without the worry of any ill consequences you would expect through normal means of venting, It's the way I felt at the time and does not mean I still feel the same way so that being said, just enjoy the track as it is and LISTEN!


released August 28, 2013
Mastered and produced by E.C.G, here's a link to his twitter page. twitter.com/E_C_G101

This is a NON-profit piece of work and is not for commercial use or distribution with intent for possible revenue. This particular track is intended for entertainment purposes only.




Sieed Brown Minneapolis, Minnesota

Hip hop artist out of Minneapolis MN. Vocalist.

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