Can You Hear me​.​.

by Sieed Brown

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Tears can make ripples, in a clear sea. I'm fine with that because waves come and go.

F**k Your Thought$ 2
Feb. 2014



Can you hear me?, wait,
does anybody fear me, near me, clearly, not,
what do my tears see, when they drop, in this clear sea,

how could I walk if im kneeling, im nearly,
there in the air but this ceiling,
wont let me through, with the flue, it was still there,
so I blew, and now im feeling, but we'll see,
if its true, cuz im blue
im not new, but I knew,
im not fly, but I flew with what I do,
im too sprite to do (dew) what is cool,
as with me, there is two sides of you, decide its time to choose ///
speak up, or let the speakers teach us how we can be us..but..
its up to you (tube) too how its viewed ,if can you keep up
just stick to the program and go ham, nah
ill throw bands with no hands, and slow dance,
oh man, I need minute no go plan, I have a image with no fans
got no chance, im out spoken without speaking a word,
is my mouth broken, am I too focused or too open,
im used to my words not being heard so forgive if this sounds absurd..
young kid coming off the curb saying wassup to the birds..
eyes open, but

Can you hear me?, wait,
does anybody fear me, near me, clearly, not,
what do my tears see, when they drop, in a clear sea,

could sombody open the door its getting hot in here,
could sombody open a door its really hard out here,
my city don't love me,
maybe they cant see me though the modest tears and odd ideas,
then to fail after all these years my, honest fears,
how I feel, \
when I got bills in my pockets,
and they all ones just to, bigger my pockets
im living in profit or, living through profits with sins
and my thoughts fit in, with them mosh pits, im,
speaking to walls to hear my echo, hello,
im peaking to fall and preach a memo, don't let go,
its steep when its tall and taller when I call on people who call themselves believers in the art,
with no belief in the start, im like madea tryna park, don't test me!, unless we keep in a piece of this art tell the reaper to be decent and leave a piece of this heart, atleast,
or leave the leaves in the fall for the fall of all, im just reaching the stars,
thats what the mission is
feel my presence like them good gifts at christmas did,
take a wish list-make it my hit list-for all you who missed hits—
i guess im miss fit- but yet I admit this,
yes I am gifted its scripted, but if you could listen you'd get this
eyes open


released January 26, 2014
MIxed by E.C.G @E_C_G101
-Produced By RIddle

This track is NOT for commercial use and is a non profit body of work. This track is for entertainment purposes ONLY!




Sieed Brown Minneapolis, Minnesota

Hip hop artist out of Minneapolis MN. Vocalist.

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